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Face masks for kids: KF94 and other masks similar to N95 and KN95 that fit children

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Try N95-inspired masks for your children in response to the spread of the highly-contagious Omicron variant. Getty Images

When it comes to shopping for adult face masks, the task is relatively simple: Look for a tight-fitting, N95-rated mask. When it comes to shopping for face masks for kids, things get a bit more complicated. That's because there are no masks for kids officially rated N95 by a U.S. government agency.

That said, there are N95-style masks available for little ones — that is, children's masks that claim to meet the same filtration standard as adult N95 masks, even if they don't carry the official label of N95. These masks are typically designated KN95 or KF94. (Be wary of masks claiming to be an N95 for children -- that's a sure sign of a counterfeit N95 mask.)

The CDC recommends that children over the age of 2 wear a mask in indoor public places, and in areas of substantial or high transmission of COVID, which is nearly everywhere (these days. As of January 2022, only children ages 5 and up are eligible to get vaccinated, and a record level of children under 5 are being hospitalized with COVID amid the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant.

If you're seeking children's masks that may offer more protection than cloth, check out the N95-inspired models in kids' sizes below. While their filtration claims haven't been verified by NIOSH — the federal agency that approves N95 brands — they're worth a try if you're seeking models that have adjustable nose bridges and a close fit to the face, as N95s do. (It's important that any mask you or your children use fits properly, forming a tight seal with your face.)

For information on where to purchase N95 masks for yourself and the Biden administration's free mask program, check out our guide to N95 masks. Also be sure to check out our guide on how to avoid counterfeit N95 and KN95 face masks.

Happy Life kids KF94 (20 pack)

Happy Life kids KF94

These masks, with four layers, come individually packaged, are made of an eco-friendly material, and claim to meet Korea's KF94 standard (94% filtration efficiency). Reviewers recommend this size for older children.

Happy Life kids KF94 (20 pack), $33

WellBefore KN95 kids masks

WellBefore KN95 Kids Masks

These individually wrapped face masks are $1.49 each, or $1.19 each when you sign up for a regularly weekly shipment. They're made of five layers (for kids for ages 5 to 12), or four layers (for ages 2 to 4). Their earloops are adjustable, and they have a moisture-wicking inner layer. Find them in three sizes for kids.

WellBefore KN95 kids masks, $1.49 each

Powecom kids KN95-SM respirator mask (10 pack)

Powecom KN95-SM Respirator Mask
Bona Fide Masks

This multi-layer, breathable KN95 mask can be purchased in a 10 pack (or more). Quantity discounts are availabile.

Powecom kids KN95-SM respirator mask (10 pack), $13

Happy Masks Pro

Happy Masks Pro
Happy Masks

This five-layer mask is lightweight and breathable, and claims 99.9% filtration. Its design leaves room around the nose and mouth for comfort, and its ear straps are adjustable. This mask can be washed up to 50 times. Pre-order now to receive your mask in mid-February. 

Happy Masks Pro, $24

Brookwood Medical kids disposable KF94 face masks (30 pack)

Kids Disposable Face Masks
Brookwood Medical

Choose from all sorts of kid-friendly prints in this disposable, four-layer face mask. Brookwood Medical is currently taking preorders to be shipped the week of Jan. 24. The mask's design prevents gaping and it won't cling to their mouths.

Brookwood Medical kids disposable face masks (30 pack), $41 (reduced from $60)

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