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This dog went missing in 2010. Nearly 12 years later, she was found just miles from her family and returned.

Dog missing for 12 years reunited with family
Dog missing for 12 years reunited with family 01:18

In 2010, a young dog named Zoey went missing soon after a family adopted her from a local pound. In 2022, nearly 12 years later, Zoey was found just miles away and they were finally reunited.

The San Joaquin Sheriff's Office in California received a call about a dog who seemed unwell and was left on someone's lawn outside Stockton. "We got a call that a black SUV had dumped a dog on this lady's property," Animal Services Officer Brandon Levin said, adding that they checked for a microchip and the dog had one.

Missing for 12 Years!

This one will hit you right in the feels! #FeelGoodFriday On February 10, 2022, Animal Services Officer Brandon Levin received a call regarding a stray dog who had been dropped off on a rural property outside Stockton. The caller said the dog appeared old and unwell. ASO Levin scanned the dog for a tracking chip, and to his surprise the dog, named Zoey, had been reported missing from Lafayette, California in 2010. Yes, 12 years ago! Zoey had been missing for so long, in 2015 the microchip company had actually listed her as “deceased” in their records. Even more amazing, the owners still had the same phone number, though they now live in Benecia. We met the owner Michelle in Rio Vista, where she and Zoey reunited after 12 years apart! #sanjoaquincountysheriff #animalservices #reunitedanditfeelssogood

Posted by San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office on Friday, February 18, 2022

They scanned the chip, which includes dog's address and ownership information, and Levin was surprised to find Zoey had been reported missing — in 2010. 

Zoey was reported missing in Lafayette, California, but after tracking down her original owners, officials found they were now living in another town about 18 miles away.

"We got her at the pound when she was six months old with her twin sister," said Zoey's owner, Michelle. "They were with us for about six months, and then we went to the store for about 20 minutes and came back and she was missing."

The dog's microchip was so old the data listed her as "deceased." But she is very much alive and her family was willing to come pick her up. 

Michelle met Levin in nearby Rio Vista to reunite with her long-lost dog. Zoey seemed shy at first, and Michelle remarked at how little she had grown.

"Honestly, I'm in shock. I definitely didn't expect this to ever happen, so I'm really excited. Excited to hopefully bring her back, get her healthy and live the rest of her life," Michelle said.

After more than a decade apart, they brought 13-year-old Zoey back home, where she will meet a new companion. Michelle said her family has one other 13-year-old dog, who is "slow and friendly."

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